Loan Programs

With over 17 years of private hard money lending experience, we will close your loan fast and with the lowest interest rates and closing costs. We arrange both residential and commercial loans within California.

Brokers and Affiliates

Hundreds of California mortgage brokers, loan originators and real estate professionals trust Greenview Private Capital Corporation to handle their private mortgages and hard money loan requests.

Trust Deed Investments

Every loan arranged by Greenview Private Capital Corporation is funded with private investor funds. We are constantly looking for new loan business, which in turn generates a consistent stream of attractive trust deed investment opportunities.

Client Testimonials

Joe Bloggs

"Greenview is one of our preferred sources for trust deed investments. They are reputable and honest brokers with whom we have a very strong relationship.""

Dan Zuckerman

Joe Bloggs

"Greenview Lending has closed several loans for me and my clients. I trust them completely and call them first when I am in need of a hard money lender."

Michael Soliz

Loan Broker
Joe Bloggs

"As a trust deed investor I have completed several deals with Greenview Private Capital Corporation over the last few years. On every occasion the Greenview representatives have cooperated with ultimate responsibility and professional courtesy"

Eric Sararksians

Joe Bloggs

"Jay and Greenview Private Capital Corporation have arranged several loans for me and one loan was very challenging, but they did not give up and got the job done! I would use Jay and his team again."

Spencer Barton


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